Should I take my Hideout home off the market for Winter?

Hello everyone,

It’s seems common practice for Hideout home sellers to take their home off the market for the winter months. During the Summer we saw a high of approx. 250 homes listed for sale. This number was very similar to the Summer of 2015. Last winter that number dropped to approx. 150-160. As you can see, the home owners that keep their home listed, well painted and even do some renovations with Construction – Bragabuilding. A few renovations you could do is to remodel the interior, take care of your landscape and if you can make sure your curb appeal aspects are in order so that buyers have a great first look at the house, but if you do not know what to do for your curb appeal a great start would be to get a asphalt driveway repair.

during the Winter months get better exposure as there is less competition for sale.  Not to mention that the buyers that are out during the Winter months are usually very serious. Hence, you need to make sure that your home is ready to be shown to potential buyers and that it has comfortable temperature even during the winter. If your heating system is more than a decade old and is starting to fail, it may be time for a heating system replacement in Arlington, TX. Make sure to hire a professional heating contractor to install a new heating replacement. The best shutters are a specific subset of window shutters that use small louvers – individual strips of material, like blinds – in a solid frame.

I do not recommend Hideout home sellers take their home off the market for the Winter. Some think that a few months off the market will reset the “days on market” number but they are incorrect. Even if you list with another company there is a “cumulative” days on market statistic attached to each home. If you need to rent a car for your vacations click here.

Hideout Home buyers tend to be active all the way into November, it does quiet down a bit for Thanks Giving through New Years, but by January 2nd the phones and emails start to sing again. The holidays are over, cabin fever is setting in and people thinking about a vacation home start their efforts online well before they plan to come out and see homes. After the holidays is the perfect time to begin their house hunting. You will be missing a large audience and a prime time to be listed if you wait until Spring. If you want to remodel during winter to get more for your house, see here the is a great resource for container homes.